In the labor area, KARLA BERNARDO SOCIEDADE DE ADVOGADOS performs vital assistance in all sectors in connection to the work relationships, among them, accidents at Work and occupational diseases.

The office activities in this area of performance aim – in partnership with our team of Social Security Law and specialized professionals in the health and security area (doctors, engineers, technicians, etc.) – advise the client in accidents actions and occupational disease, so complicated field that demands concern. The disease liabilities are often the most robust in the business environment, impacting the financial departments more. This time, KARLA BERNARDO SOCIEDADE DE ADVOGADOS works to minimize the impacts on its clients, litigating in all spheres, instances and courts.

Our team has strong advisory and preventive predispose, with focus on the technical and legal aspects applicable to the reality of each client. It professionals are able to act on diligences in health and work security areas, representing the client in administrative investigations, to act in front of Public Prosecution, to consult and perform preventive work that connects technical and legal aspects related to the occupational area. Once, KARLA BERNARDO SOCIEDADE DE ADVOGADOS represents its clients in judgment in indemnifying actions and labor claims for occupational diseases and accidents at work.


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